After Her Conan shows, Erin Foley coming to Catholic U. Theater on Saturday, Oct. 26th.

Nationally known comedian, actress and writer, Erin Foley is bringing her rapid-fire speech and acerbic wit to the Hartke Theater on the campus of Catholic University, Saturday, Oct. 26th.

Foley, known from Conan O’ Brien, the movie Almost Famous, Chelsea Lately, her own Comedy Central Presents Special, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and the host of the Sports without Balls podcast, among a slew of others, is one of the most incredible and admired comedians touring the country today. Here’s her amusing take on sports:

Erin Foley, who has won rave reviews for her appearances on the Conan show, recently drew wide notice for her latest Conan appearance riffing in a smart, funny way on gluten-free diets:

She is following up her previous CD, Lower the Bar, available through Spotify, Itunes and Amazon: 

A new album is expected to be released next month.

Buzz on her is spreading, as shown by her loyal following on Twitter and Facebook while’s she’s touring the country to often sold-out crowds: 

Here’s the background on her recent shows that sold out in Portland and Seattle: (a web link which features her first Conan appearance). 

The range of her work, uniquely blending personal and political humor, is illustrated by this recent set at New York City’s prestigious Gotham Comedy Club:

“She offers smart comedy on politics, culture, sports and commercialism that can appeal to anyone in an urban area or with a college degree, regardless of sexual preference.” –Art Levine, The Huffington Post: 


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