DC for Democracy Activist Jesse Lovell Stands Up for Home Rule on Bruce DePoyt show

DC for Democracy activist Jesse Lovell,  the progressive group’s communications director, appeared on  News 8’s Bruce DePoyt show after the protest against Congressional interference in home rule over city-paid abortions.

Art Levine sent an email alert to a few other DC4D members showing how the instant online posting system works:

This email after being sent should appears as a URL at two instant blogs http://www.artlevine.posterous.com and http://www.artnews.posterous.com.

The specific URL for each separate post can also be auto-posted to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, as with this email turned into a blog post on the excellent, original comedian Maria Bamford: http://artnews.posterous.com/fw-comedy-alert-maria-bamford-from-comedians

As a result, any email alert can be turned into an instant URL web link that can be posted automatically to Twitter and Facebook, and linked to by journalists, activists and bloggers. You can learn more at https://posterous.com/.

It takes about 10 seconds to establish a new account and then post any emails to that website with its own domain name for your account. The subject header becomes the headline of the blog post, and you copy any emails you send to post@posterous.com and it appears instantly online.

This blog post is just a test and will be deleted shortly.


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